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The power of assumptions regarding the education of students with disabilities

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One philosophical belief in special education is that every student, even the most disabled, should have an education as close to normal as possible as noted in IDEA and NCLB. Additionally, parents have mandated responsibilities for their child’s educational success. In a formal essay of 2-3 pages using correct APA and academic language, including an additional cover page and reference page, respond to the following concepts: Address the assumptions that exist regarding the performance expected of all students and their families. What do students with disabilities need to learn? How might parents’ own school experiences influence their attitudes about interacting with their child’s teachers? Discuss ways in which your own school experiences influence your attitude regarding parent participation. To what extent do cultures influence educational practices, and to what extent do educational practices influence cultures? How does your cultural background influence the way you approach the education of your students? Conclude with identifying one cultural issue that you feel you need to change in yourself in order to be a culturally responsible teacher. Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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