Theories of Sex and Gender

Theories of Sex and Gender

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Write an essay and answers all of the following questions and instruction!

– What is sex?
– What is gender?
– What’s the connection between them, as you understand it, and why do you think everyone is so interested in how we define these terms?
– Be sure to refer to the two readings I have attached to back up your claims and assertions! Reference the readings in the essay.
– Also, provide the link to (and briefly explain) a recent story in the New York Times which wrestles with an issue related to questions about how public perceptions of sex and gender are changing in the US today.

Make sure the link is from the New York Times and not any other external resource. Reference this as well.
Gender & Society
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DOI: 10.1177/0891243287001002002
Gender & Society 1987 1: 125
Doing Gender
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Sociologists for Women in Society
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