Theory of healthiness

Theory of healthiness

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The purpose of this application is to provide students an opportunity to assess on their own health status by utilizing the Leddy’s (2006) Theory of Healthiness, and develop strategies for improvement in their health status. This exercise will serve as a basis for utilizing this process with their client populations.

Use the required components of the review as Level 1 headers (upper and lower case, centered):
a. Leddy’s Healthiness Scale
b. Interpretation of self assessment
c. Identify interventions to improve health status
d. Implications for clinical practice
e. Conclusion

a. Self Assessment utilizing Leddy’s Healthness Scale- fill out the Leddy Healthiness Scale found in the Appendix of the Leddy textbook. Scan the scale when completed for submission; make sure the score is calculated per the directions.

b. Utilization of Leddy’s Model for interpretation of self assessment Analyze your own assessment, and identify the areas of strength and the areas on which to focus to improve your health.

c. Development of Interventions- Based on the self assessment of your health status, identify interventions to improve your health status

d. Implications- Identify how you can utilize Leddy’s Health Theory in your clinical practice

Leddy, S. K. (2006). Integrative health promotion: Conceptual bases for nursing practice. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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