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Therapeutic alliance is or is not a valid predictor of successful psychotherapy

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Complete a 3-5 page paper, double-spaced, regarding the particular topic. Your paper should be in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1″ margins. References should be cited in the paper and at the end; APA style (6th edition) is the preferred citation style. Make three arguments favoring one side of the topic, and then three arguments favoring the other side of the topic. Support your arguments with empirical evidence whenever possible. Journal articles are provided below to help you craft good arguments. During this part of the assignment, it should not be clear to the reader what your conclusions are about the topic. After presenting each “side” of the topic, present your conclusion. In this conclusion section, you may also include personal opinion and examples from your own life. However, personal opinions and examples must be in addition to empirical research, not a substitute. Use good critical thinking skills when making your arguments and drawing conclusions.*

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