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To What Extent does music have a positive effect on learning?
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To what extent does music have a positive effect on learning?

discuss the positive effects and negative effects of music on learning or brain. I have to include equal number of studies for positive effects and for the negative effects or even neutral. It should be written in own words and cited properly. It would be great if you finish the introduction first and send it to me separately.

Just somethings to consider (from my teacher ):

– Please don’t state too many quotes
– Never use “proven” as it is a psych essay
– The introduction should not answer the question, it should only introduce it.
– Simple language is better than using language that cannot be understood.
– Each subheading has to have a logical flow and not be separated into short paragraphs.
– When introducing a study, it can be as simple as using, “One study that supports that …”
– There has to be discussion and argumentative, shouldn’t be one sided.

What I have attached:

– Two sample essays: (the word document is much better!)
– A sample of an abstract (very similar topic to mine)
– Introduction checklist
– Past assessor report
– Information on EE
– APA referencing outline

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