Trouble Brews at Starbucks

Trouble Brews at Starbucks

Paper instructions:
The details to this paper are included within the attachment. any additional details needed for the assignment please contact me. The paper shall be clear and understanding and also sticking to the topic throughout. Once reviewing the details of the assignment, please do not accept the assignment if you will not be able to have it completed by the deadline given.

SWOT Analysis
Continue with the case study you chose in Week 2.
Write a 3-5 page paper/analysis on your chosen case study (See Week 2) where you consider the SWOT Analysis, Marketing Goals and Objectives for your Marketing Plan.
This week’s component is the SWOT Analysis.  Consider these elements as you write your paper.
•    Strengths
•    Weakness
•    Opportunites
•    Threats
SWOT Matrix
•    Developing Competitve Advantage
•    Developing a Strategic Focus
Within your paper/analysis be sure to address the following:
•    Include a title page and 2-3 references.
•    Only the body of the paper will count toward the page requirement.  Only one reference may be located online (not Wikipedia) and the other references must be located in the Grantham University online library.
•    Your analysis/paper should be written in your own words. When completing your assignments all spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, and citations should be written in APA style.  Please see your instructor for any further instructions.
Note:  A complete layout of the marketing plan can be found in the Appendix of the text.

Grading Criteria Assignments    Maximum Points
Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria    40
Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts    20
Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts    30
Uses proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and APA style    10
Total    100


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