Unit 1 and Unit 2

Unit 1 and Unit 2

Please answer the following questions. Also identify the unit and the question number as listed below.

Unit I

1. What factors in the 1800s do you believe contributed to the growth of the American Labor Movement? Please explain your answer.
2. Union membership has been on the decline. Do you believe this is a positive or negative trend? Why? Please explain your answer.
3. Stereotyping based upon physical characteristics or appearance is a basis for prejudice. As an arbitrator, give reasons to decide in favor of or against an officers right to wear an earring. Explain your answer.
4. Many non-professional jobs in healthcare are often hard to fill, pay low wages, and experience a lot of turnover. Would a union help or hinder the retention of employees in a situation as described above? Explain.

Unit II
1. What do you believe are the benefits to being an employee of a company vs. a contractor? Which would you prefer to be? Why?
2. If an employer has a good-faith reasonable doubt as to whether a majority of its employees support an incumbent union, what options are available to the employer? Which option do you think is in the employers best interest? Why?
3. Discuss the difference between an employers support of and domination of a union.
4. Compare and contrast the factors the might contribute to employees voting to decertify a union.

Name of Book: Carrell, M. R., & Heavrin, C. (2010). Labor relations and collective bargaining: Cases, practice, and law (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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