UPMC/Highmark health plan platform App

UPMC/Highmark health plan platform App

Project description

Provide literature search results. Basically summarize here what you have done up to this point to gather that information For the product, start with a clear concise description of the problem and include specific objectives for a product that would solve the problem. You should discuss the inputs of system where does data originate, when and in what form? Discuss the outputs of system what information is needed, by whom and in what form. Provide an outline of what is to be included such as backups, controls, and help features. The feasibility of a project is whether it can be reasonably done. It considers risks. The justification of a project is whether it should be done. Because something can be done is no reason that it should be done. Think of this as presenting a business case for your

Here are our project description :
Our product is a smartphone application that empowers health insurance customers by enabling the user to easily identify key parameters of competitive health plans. Insurance websites currently provide an overabundance, and thus confusing, amount of information about their health plans. Specifically, the pilot product will investigate UMPC Health Plan and Highmark, Inc (Pittsburgh,PA)because they are the two largest and most widespread health plan options available in Pittsburgh.. The majority of the excess information is not applicable to the most common situations for customers and thus customers do not often use the websites to find information they desire. Our application will only include the basic yet critical information about the health plan options, including: deductible amount, PCP office visit copay, pharmacy benefits, annual out of pocket limits and referral requirements for specialty care, both for individual and family plans. It will include a graphical user interface that is easily navigable so the user can find the information they need in a timely, less stressful manner, resulting in a higher user acceptance rate.


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