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What is this assignment?
Choose an ethnic or racial group that immigrated to the U.S. and in a three to five page paper describe the conditions that they left behind as well as the conditions they faced upon entering the US.
How will writing the Immigration Paper help me in my future career?
Writing the Immigration Paper will help you to gain an understanding of the various people and cultures that have immigrated to the United States. This understanding may help you to foster an appreciation of the efforts of coworkers who have immigrated to this country. Awareness may lead to not only tolerance, but acceptance of diverse people.
How will this assignment be evaluated?
Please review the corresponding rubric.
What should you pay attention to when completing this assignment?
Document the ethnic group you chose and their country of origin, include when they left (you do not have to be too specific, a range of decades will suffice example: from 1870 – 1900).
Explain why the group left and what conditions they left behind in their country of origin.
Describe the process the immigrant group adhered to in order to enter the country.
Compare your experience while taking the “Citizenship Quiz” to the process the immigrant group you chose utilized in order to enter the United States. Include your results to the “Citizenship Quiz” within your comparison.
Analyze the general attitude of the US population at the time your group immigrated and choose what theory you would use to explain those attitudes.
Compare and contrast the values and beliefs of the ethnic minority or racial group you chose with the majority group in the United States.
Describe similarities and differences in the interaction/communication styles of the immigration group you chose and the US population at the time of your group’s arrival.
Describe the current conditions within their country of origin.
In your opinion was the journey worth it, would you have made the same decision they did?
All assignments are required to use APA style, be error-free (grammar and spelling count), have one-inch margins, and include a cover page and reference page. Additionally, an introduction, body, and conclusion are also required.


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