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Waste and pollution management


Waste and pollution management is a growing area of importance for hospitality operators for a number of reasons. The first reason is cost; charges for waste removal are increasing. Decreasing landfill space requires trash to be shipped farther, increasing the overall cost to the operator.

The second is the Green movement, which places hospitality operators under growing scrutiny from the public. Hospitality providers are being pressured to demonstrate that they are not only reducing energy use but also controlling waste and pollution. The public is scrutinizing hospitality because the trash that is produced is much more visible than that produced by other industries.

The final reason is government regulation in the form of federal, state, and local laws on pollution. Environmental standards are increasing, and with those increased standards will come more regulations and fines. These factors combined are creating a new level of awareness for lodging and the food and beverage organization to control and reduce waste and pollution.

Part #1

Choose one of the following methods to assist for your paper submission

Choice #1:

Based on your own experience in food service as an employee or as a guest, write 1–2 paragraphs on the following:
•What do you believe are the key areas inherent in the hospitality function that contribute to the proliferation of waste?
•What can you, as a current or future food service or hospitality professional, do to minimize waste production in your workplace?
•Please give real examples of waste and specific solutions.

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