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What do you think of Batchen’s comments?

Read the following quote from photography historian Geoffrey Batchen:<br /> “Given the dispersed geography of its conception, photography appears to have been emerged as the embodiment of certain arrangements of Western knowledge rather than as a creative ‘idea’ or technological ‘discovery’ traceable to the actions of any particular individual. Photography, it seems, was the product of (and contributor to) certain shifts and changes within the fabric of European culture as a whole. Thus a beginning once thought to be fixed and dependable is now revealed as a problematic field of mutable historical differences.”<br /> What do you think of Batchen’s comments? Please make one of the following cases: (Your initial post should be in the 350 word range):<br /> 1. I believe that the inventor of photography was European cultural discourse at the dawn of the 19th century.<br /> 2. I believe that a single inventor created photography.

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