What does leadership in health care mean


Describe the aspects ofthis in relation to the aged care and disability
health care sector.
Consider the effect various styles ofleadership may have on service
delivery and quality care within both the community as well as individual case
Explore the diversity within Western health care systems and the impact
this may have on leadership decisions that may be made.
Explain your answer with examples from your area of work.
Use references where required to substantiate potential changes to
decision-making processes that may affect team management.
In this assignment you are required:
To demonstrate knowledge of roles, responsibilities, styles and theories
of leadership in Australian health care, and to critically analyse the distance
between the ‘heroic’ concepts of leadership and the present day reality of health
care leaders.
This table of contents is just a sample. You are free to develop your own table of
contents in your paper/ essay.
Table of Contents/Outline ofthe Assignment
Introduce your paper and briefly provide how you organise your paper to
discuss your argument/idea.
2. Leadership in health care
Define the concept ofleadership
Critically discuss the evolution ofleadership styles from the heroic concepts
of leadership and the leadership for the present context, and their strengthens
and weakness
3. Theories of Leadership
Identify appropriate leadership theories that you want to relate in your
argument/idea and trace out their evolution process and discuss them
Identify the diversity in western health care systems (not only limiting to
Australia, you can compare with other western countries e.g. Australia, UK, USA,
Canada etc.) and discuss with the evidences on impacts ofleadership decisions in
two levels: i) community ii) individual.
4. Discussion
Argue what type ofleaderships are more appropriate to aged care and
disability health care and why in the present context?
Relate your own experiences how the leadership influence the decision
making process and team management. You can relate your any appropriate
experience in the discussion.
Relate these above discussion with appropriate theories and argue with
5. Conclusion
Your Conclusion should not introduce any new ideas or include citations,
and should clearly demonstrate how you have answered the assigned question.
1- Use books between 2009 and 2014
2- Use this essential book
Leadership: Theory, Application and Skill Development
ISBN: 9781111827076
Lussier, RN. and Achua, C.F., South-Western Cengage Learning 5th ed. 2012


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