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what impact does charismatic leadership
To what degree do you believe that employees and individuals desire or seek out charismatic leaders? After having read this week’s textbook section and journal article, what impact does charismatic leadership have in improving performance of individuals as well as the accomplishment of organisational goals?
Samnani, A. & Singh, P. (2013) ‘When leaders victimize: The role of charismatic leaders in facilitating group pressures’, Leadership Quarterly 24 (1), pp. 189-202. http://www.sciencedirect.com.ezproxy.liv.ac.uk/science/article/pii/S1048984312000951


Northouse, P.G. (2010) Leadership: Theory and practice 5th ed. London: Sage.

(Please note that the references to these readings can be found in the Lecture Notes text under the headings of the topics to which they relate.)

Read the chapter titled ‘Transformational Leadership’.
• Charismatic leaders
This selection examines the characteristics that charismatic leaders possess and what impact this trait has on those around them. Charismatic leaders tend to seem more emotionally intelligent about situations and therefore able to tap into underlying needs and motivations of people.
• Transformational leadership
This selection investigates the transformative theoretical approach which is the process of influencing change in individuals, groups, and larger organizations. The theory contributes greatly to the understanding of the cognitive and affective processes involved with motivation.
• Evaluation of the transformational approach
This selection discusses the traits of the transformational approach theory. Although this approach may paint leaders in a heroic light, sceptics believe that the traits of these leaders cannot be taught. You will look at the benefits and drawbacks of this approach.

Read the chapter titled ‘Team Leadership’.
• The team leadership model
This selection investigates the idea of leadership shifting from the leader to the follower and the process for achieving goals. This idea of team leadership has gained momentum in recent years, but has come into question because many of the team leadership functions have remained unsupported by research findings.
• Leadership action and team effectiveness
This selection introduces the functions that are recommended for leaders to build team effectiveness. In this approach there are two main actions for leaders to undertake; task accomplishment and maintenance of the team.

Supplemental Resources

‘Charismatic Leadership’

‘Leading Without Authority’

‘Requirements of a Self-Managed Team Leader’

‘Team Effectiveness and Leadership Roles’

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