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WRI 102–ArgumentativeEssay Prompt
For this assignment, you will write an argumentative essay. Your final submission should meet the criteria below:
• Write an argumentative thesis based on an arguable claim
• Incorporatethe elements of theToulmin model of argumentation
• Use inductive and/or deductive reasoning as needed
• Avoid logical fallacies
• Cite any information that you obtain from an outside source. In-text citations and the references page should follow the APA style.

• Use academic language
o Use good grammar. Make sure the meaning of each sentence is clear
o Use transition words to guide the reader
o Do not use personal pronouns to refer to yourself or your reader (e.g., I, we, you)
o Do not use contractions (e.g., can’t, doesn’t)
o Do not use slang or colloquialism (e.g., gonna, wanna, like, thing)

• Formatting
o APA cover page
o Margins 1 inch
o Font: Times New Roman, 12, black
o Title centered
o Double-spaced
o Paragraphs indented using the Tab key on the keyboard
o APA references page

• Length: Between 1400 – 1600 words excluding the title page and the references page.Submissions that do not meet APA standards or word count requirements will lose up to 5% of the assignment grade.

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