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Write a 9 page paper (plus bibliography and cover page), and it should have at least 7 page content on a special effects heavy film produced after the year 2000. This should be a culmination of what you’ve learned in this class. Do research into who created the effects and how. Write a review about the integration of the effects demonstrating your knowledge.
Here is a sample of an outline you might use for writing your paper.
Introduction (why it is important to study this film)
Research Component
Who worked on the film: Companies (what else are they known for) and individuals
How they created the effects (choose a couple major effects sequences and write a couple of paragraphs on each one)
Analysis Component
Integration of effects technically
Do the effects look good? Why or why not (with examples)?
Integration of effects from a story standpoint
Do the effects make sense for what’s happening in the film? Do they make sense in the story? Do they add to the realism (with examples)?
Conclusion (what have we learned from this?)
Please write about these films: The avengers, Iron man, Transformers 3, Spider man 3. And if you want to choose more films, please choose from the attachment of the film lists except The Avatar, The matrix and the Toy Story. Please use cinefex as the references. Also, please bold all the titles in the paper.

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