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Writing Log.

Students are expected to pick two topics within the reading and write a 1-pages (I have noticed writing logs tend to get shorter and shorter throughout the semester, so a good tip is to always write more than 1 page to get in a habit)  on what they thought was interesting, important, or attention grabbing to them. Provide examples and citations to your reflection for full credit. Use APA format for citations. Making connections to examples in your life or what you have experienced as it relates to the topics are needed.  This should be completed weekly and turned in each week at the beginning of class based on readings of that week.  At the end of the course you should have a mini-book of what you personally wrote.  This is NOT to be an outline of the chapter or a list of definitions of words.  This is to be reflective so you can contemplate the concepts learned in class to what happens in practice.  Research suggests connections that can be made to your own personal experience and life increase learning retention- which means you learn more.

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