5 steps of defining scope


Project scope is the part of project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs, and deadlines. The scope statement also provides the team with guidelines for making decisions about change requests during the project. What are the 5 steps of defining scope? Tell us the most important steps and why.
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The five steps of defining project scope are:
1. Identify Project Goals and Objectives: This step involves understanding the project purpose and establishing clear, measurable goals and objectives. It is important to understand what needs to be accomplished in order for the project to be successful.



2. Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): This step involves breaking down all the tasks that need to be completed into manageable components or sub-tasks. The WBS helps define each task, its duration, dependencies and how it contributes towards achieving the overall goal of the project.
3. Establish Constraints: Here, any restrictions on time, budget or resources must be identified so that realistic expectations can be set for both stakeholders and team members involved in the project’s completion.
4. Develop a Schedule: A timeline will need to be created that includes when each task should begin and end as well as any necessary milestones along the way. Meetings with stakeholders may also have to occur at certain points during this process in order ensure everyone is on track with their commitments going forward
5. Document Final Scope Statement: Once all tasks have been broken down into individual components using a WBS, constraints established and a schedule developed then these findings can now be compiled together into one final document known as a ‘Scope Statement’. The scope statement serves as an outline for carrying out future activities related to the project such as change management requests or performance reviews

The most important steps are arguably identifying goals & objectives (Step 1) followed by creating a detailed work breakdown structure (Step 2). These two steps form an integral part of accurately defining scope since they involve clearly identifying what needs to get done – from there everything else flows including cost estimations & timelines which are essential factors when considering whether or not initiators are willing/able take on proposed projects before launching them publicly

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