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Research Paper Guidelines
1. Focus on a clinical problem: Chosen clinical problem is Fall risk in older population (60 years of age and above)

2. Develop a PICO question.
Pico question:
In the elderly at risk of falling, is tai chi effective in reducing the risk and preventing falls as compared with those who do not practice tai chi?

Using your PICO question, search for the answer in the literature and evaluate the evidence that supports the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of this intervention (this is when you use the hierarchies of evidence). If you have a topic of interest, you may be able to relate it to someone whom you know. You need to evaluate this intervention in terms of effectiveness also in considering the person/patient’s personal needs, preferences, values, etc.

3. Identify a proposed nursing intervention that addresses the problem.

Nursing intervention: Using tai chi on top of mainstream/traditional intervention (such as monitoring, exercise, positioning beds low, clutter free rooms etc).

Perform a literature review evaluating and interpreting the research literature. Take notes to avoid unintentional plagiarism. You will need to provide a minimum of 5 professional journal articles. Please attach article to your final paper.

4. Correctly identify the levels of evidence to support the strength of evidence for your intervention, using the hierarchy of evidence. Key points of evidence are identified for each article.

5. Make a clinical decision based on the literature review:
a.Decision is clearly stated with rationale.
b.Decision is supported by presented evidence.
c.Decision answers the PICO question.
d.Decision incorporates identified population needs, characteristics, and preferences.
Use the following to help guide your clinical decision making. Based on the evidence, identify what clinical decision should be made: select 1 of the following three decisions:
a.If you are able to locate solid Level 1 evidence that reflects the practice, or intervention, that is currently being used, then your decision will be to accept current practice as “best practice” as demonstrated through empirical evidence.
b.If you are able to locate solid Level 1 evidence and/or several Level 2 studies that reflect use of your proposed intervention (assuming your proposed intervention is not what is currently being used in practice), and these studies are similar to your population, then your clinical decision will be to implement a new practice and evaluate it.
c.If the evidence is lacking concerning your proposed intervention for your population and/or setting, then your clinical decision will be to conduct a research study. This study may be qualitative, descriptive, explanatory/correlational or experimental/quasi-experimental study. Select a design and briefly describe it. The design you select must have logical rationale that is based on the evidence you located.

All sources must be peer reviewed and with in the last 5 years.

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