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This is a ‘Macro-Economic’ Course and all aspects included in this paper should be related to macro economics. Read the instructions carefully.
Each student will have to submit a term paper of at least 1,500 words and not more than 2,500
words on issues related to at least one of the topics covered in this course. The paper should be
typed, double-spaced and contains the following:
1. Title page
This should include the course name and code, the name of the instructor, the title of the paper
(topic), student’s name, student number and the date of submission.
2. Footnotes (or endnotes)
It is essential to reference all direct quotations and even when paraphrasing, the sources should
be acknowledged. For citation, use the APA format.
3. Bibliography
This should show all the reference materials you have selected to research on the topic such as books, journal articles, and news items. Reference materials should NOT be exclusively from web sources. There should be at least three entries on the list, with at least one of them being a book other than the textbook. Each entry should include the name of the author or organization, the title of the book or article, the year of the publication, and the publisher or
the web address (URL) of the source.
4. The grade will take into account the following:
? Presentation – style, grammar
? Quality of research and analysis – credits will be given for relevance and clarity which requires good organization of materials, logical and consistent discussions of the topic area, as well as a proper understanding of the topic materials.


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