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Executive pay has become a very interesting topic of debate in the finance literature.  The goal of this study is to explore the topic of whether executive compensation has an effect on financial performance in the Information Technology Industry. This study will focus greatly on the salaries of key executives in the Information Technology industry.
The companies’ studied will be the top ten technology firms from the S&P index between the years fiscal years of 2010 to 2014. This data will then be used to analyse the relationship between executive salaries and the gross profits achieved by the companies each year. The overall results of this study should confirm whether increases in executive compensation have an associated effect on performance in the IT industry.

Table of Contents: this must list the contents of the dissertation by chapters, with sections where
appropriate and the page number for each. Page numbers should also be indicated for the
bibliography, any maps, figures, tables, appendices etc.
Abstract: you must preface your dissertation with a brief statement, of not more than 200 words,
summarising its main themes and findings.
Acknowledgements: you may wish to acknowledge any help you received in researching your
Main text: each main heading (chapters, bibliography) should start on a new page. Sections
within main headings may continue on the same page.
References &Bibliography:Ordinarily the use of the Harvard System
Citing or quoting references: when referring in the text to material written or produced by
others. All statements, opinions, conclusions etc. from another writer’s work, whether
directly quoted, paraphrased or summarised, must be cited.
To note:
Abbreviations: are a convenience to the writer which should not inconvenience the reader by
being cryptic or unintelligible. Where you devise your own, make them self-evident (ie. not
requiring a separate key or explanation).
Footnotes: should be numbered consecutively and the references to which they refer should
be placed either at the bottom of the relevant page or at the end of the dissertation and before
the bibliography.
A Reference List / Bibliography: alphabetical list of the books and other references which you
have used in your work located at the end of your essay or dissertation.
• Reference List, Works Cited, Literature Cited, Sources Cited, References: all of these
terms refer to a list of sources actually cited throughout your work.
• Bibliography and Bibliographical References: refer to a list of sources that can be found
at the end of your work in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. In some systems,
this list may include books you have read, but you have not actually referred to

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