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M2: Preliminary Assessment and Checklist Assignment

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This is a Masters of Special Education course assignment on Needs Assessment. I have uploaded a word document with detailed instructions as well as uploaded the students IEP and all four of the self-determination practices work sheets.

Begin by exploring the I’m Determined website. (Links to an external site.) You will use the website as your guide during the completion of this multi-component assignment. When you have finished the tour and feel confident that you understand the scope of the website and the purpose for each area, access the Getting Started page. (Links to an external site.)

Then Complete the Self Determination Educator Checklist.

Write a 1-2 page (500-1000 words) description of this student and his/her characteristics. Include those things related to his social, communicative, behavioral traits. Summarize the information gathered from the Needs assessment, teacher and family surveys, the checklists and the participation rubric. Remember to weave in research you have read in SPED 856. Write in APA style and include at least 3 citations.

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