Action planning, implementing and evaluating programs and strategies.

Action planning, implementing and evaluating programs and strategies.

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Valued strategies to support gifted students� socio-affective growth include providing them with choice, variety, opportunities for deep evaluation and reflection and self-regulated learning. The focus is on the social and emotional needs of intellectually gifted students. These are reflected strongly in this assessment task.
Students will focus, program/model/s and/or strategies associated with the course content.
1) create an action plan to support the socio-affective needs of intellectually gifted students, implement a program, model or a series of strategies which would be appropriate for nurturing social and emotional needs of gifted students and evaluate the program�s and/or strategies� strengths and weaknesses.

NOTE: It would be easier for you to choose a program or strategies e.g.
Tournament of Minds, Future problem solving or any other strategies or programs of your choice and evaluate it for the way the program or strategies would support the social and emotional needs of gifted students and then right an action plan about how you would improve the program or strategies to improve the support of the socio-affective needs of gifted students.

Suggested headings/content/format/guide:
� Rationale/Background: Describe your educational context (with pseudonyms ?of course) and the student or students who would benefit from the program/strategies. This information will provide a justification/rationale for the chosen program/model/strategies.
� Grade/Year level:
� Subject/KLA:
� Topic: This may be content from the curriculum or extra-curricula or student ?choice etc
� Learning Outcomes: Taken from the appropriate syllabi documentation and ?may be across several syllabi/KLAs. Only choose a few.
� Assessment: This may take many forms in many contexts and involve pre- ?assessment, post-assessment or assessment of the students� progress during or after the program or strategies implementation and may inform your evaluation of the program or strategies.
� Differentiation: List ways curriculum and pedagogy will be differentiated in ?the program, model or strategies to support the socio-affective needs of ?gifted students. And make sure these are included in the following.
� Resources: Use appendices
� Title of Program or series of strategies: For example,
– a school-developed program, model or strategies used in an Opportunity Class or a regular classroom,
– Virtual classroom program or other online program,
– mentoring program,
– Pro-social skills program which targets the specific socio-affective needs ?of gifted students,
– facilitating lunch-time or after school clubs,
– facilitating enrichment programs
– implementing or evaluating community programs such as Tournament of ?Minds or Night of the Notables or GERRIC student enrichment programs
– using strategies within Differentiation models, such as Williams, ?Krathwahl�s, De Bono�s, Maker�s DISCOVER framework,
– Contracts using Matrices, such as the MoDD suggests, which ?encompasses many integrated models,
– larger programs or models, such as Betts Autonomous Model or Renzulli�s ?Schoolwide Enrichment model etc.
– your choices are boundless but make them as relevant as possible to your ?educational context!
� Evaluation of strengths & weaknesses of the program/strategies for supporting the socio-affective growth of gifted students to enable talent development:
– Evaluate the chosen program, model or strategies already in place to ?inform the development of an action plan
– or develop your action plan and implement a program or strategies. See 1 ?& 2 above.
� Action Plan to support the socio-affective growth of gifted students: To accommodate your different educational contexts and needs, some students may
– develop an action plan first, then implement their chosen program or ?strategies and then evaluate the whole process.
– choose an existing program or strategies, evaluate and then develop an ?action plan.


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