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White paper : The Impact of School and Family on Underachievement of Gifted Students

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Select a topic or a synthesis of topics from the readings that you would like to develop further into a “white” paper;1 one that you might provide to an educational entity (e.g., school district, college) advocating for a certain innovation, pedagogy, service, etc. I will help you edit it along the way. White pages can range from 10-30 (or even longer) pages. But succinct (10 pages?) is better. Sample papers are available online in Blackboard and below.
a. In the paper, (1) state a position on an educational-related topic/issue and why it’s important (rationale); it must also be connected to the seminar topics in some way; (2) defend your position with theoretical and research support (use course readings as some of your citations); (3) discuss the implications for educational practice; and (4) provide a summary (restatement of your major thesis) and concluding comments.
b. Include a title page, abstract (no more than 100 words), and reference page(s)
Use APA 6th edition for formatting of the margins (1”), citations and references. The rest of the formatting can be snappy and interesting.
d. Provide a brief informal summary of your paper’s themes at our last class (provide an executive sum

The concept of a “white paper” was initially associated with an official government report, because they were printed on white paper. Nowadays, the term is generally used to denote an authoritative and informativepositionpaper. Moreover,writerstypicallyusethispublicationstylewhentheyputforwarda specific argument or suggest a solution to a problem. A white paper is focused on a specific target audience outside of their organization (see http://ow


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