an outline of history

an outline of history

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Outline two chapters
Ch. 3
“Persons of Mean and Vile Conditions,” Howard Zinn
Middle Colonial Years, 1675-1720

Ch. 4
“The Trial of John Peter Zenger”
“Quakers,” Garry Wills
Late Colonial Years, 1720-176

two chaptes are both come from <A history of the unite state Volume 1:TO1877> second edition

U.S. History Reading Outline Rubric

The student will produce an outline of a reading of their choice from the assigned readings of the class. There are eleven outlines assigned. The outlines can be made from any of the reading assignments you chose so that it will be of the maximum interest to you. There are 40 points possible for each outline

The outline shall be at least 1000 words. Read through the chapters. Review the chapters and look for the main points. Summarize the main sections. Write down the important points. The outline should contain multiple sub headings for each important point.

1.    The paper will not be excessively quoted, but will be at least 65% in the student’s own words. Twice the percentage over 35% will be deducted for every percentage of the outline over 35% similar can be lost if a tremendous amount of the paper is over quoted. For example, an outline that shows 47% similar on will have 24% deducted from the 40 points possible, 10 points. (47-35=12×2=24%x40=10)

2.    The paper must be in outline format. The headings and sub headings must be well organized. The numbers and letters must be logical and make sense. Information that is related to the previous entry must be a sub heading and indicated by indentation. Papers that are not in outline format will be deducted by 10%, 4 points.

3.    The outline must be complete containing at least 1000 words. The percentage of an outline less than 1000 word will be deducted from the score. For example, a paper of only 500 words will lose 50%, 20 points.

4.    The outline must be primarily from the assigned reading. It should not have the same headings and lay out as the PowerPoint’s. It should not have extensive sessions regarding your opinion or your questions. Up to 100% will be deducted if it is not primarily from the assigned readings.

5.     The outline will not contain rambling commentary or extensive detail about the reading. There will be no more than two outlines allowed on one chapter of the reading. Up to 100% may be deducted for this.

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