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Annotated bibliography

A.)    The research topic and research question (one page) – 1 point
Identify a research topic. Which aspects of the topic are most interesting and what do you want to learn about it? Provide a sociological rationale. Then narrow it down into a research question. (Justify it sociologically)
b.) Search Sociological Abstracts through the York Library system and find what past researchers have learned about your topic, i.e. the current state of knowledge.
Include in this section: – A reference list of 5 recent (Year 2005 or later) empirical* journal articles that deal with your research topic using ASA-style format.  –

5.) Article summary – 6 points
Select one (1) of the five articles from Part B. Read the article and summarize (1 page). Use the following headings (2 points each):
1. Research question/purpose (identify the research question or purpose). 2. Data and methods (identify the data collection method and/or the data source, the geographic location of the study, and the sample (i.e. which group(s) are included in the study)) 3. Key findings (highlight those findings that are relevant to your research question)

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