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ARTC Computer Illustration

This assignment involves creating a series of logos for a new Game development group, DIRT BOX GAMES. The
concept of Dirt Box Games is the development of learning tools through gaming for children in the 6 to 10 age group.
The games are being developed as teaching aids in the classroom to help children with remedial learning and
creative problem solving. The logos should keep in mind the mission of the group and the audience the games are
targeted for. Typographic letters must have letters ‘DB’ plus GAMES’. and/or ‘DBG’. You will develop 3 versions each
for 4 categories of logos –Initials, Representational, typographic and Combination (symbol + initials) category logo
and your choice of B/W version. On a tabloid size or 13”x19” document, develop a grid for your logo categories with
minimum 0. 5” border all around and layout your logo designs inside the grid. Label each column by category. Title
your layout with your name and assignment name. You must type the name of all fonts used.
Guidelines for the Project
1) Logo must be reproducible as a one color option in Black & White
2) Logo must be conducive to a full scale of applications: from 1.5” X 1.5” up to oversized banners and
signage. (Ideally, a simplified version would also be proposed for applications smaller than 1.5” square)
3) Final output of the chosen design should be a vector formatted file with all fonts converted to
4) All design elements should be original work of the designer to avoid infringement of copyrights that would
be associated with clipart.

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