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arts illustrator mesh assighment

Design and illustrate the cover of a technical manual such
as: car repair (brake, car jack, headlight etc), assembly of a mechanical device (drill
press, hydraulic pump, lawn mower, table saw etc.), kitchen appliance (coffee pot,
blender) or instructor approved mechanical or electronic device manual cover. You will
illustrate the front cover using text, a rendered view or picture of the device and other
rendered objects necessary to enhance the design of the cover. You must use at least
two gradient meshes for this assignment. If rendering a cross section of a device
please label parts. The manual cover may be in grayscale or color. All text must be
converted to outlines.
The size of the manual cover will be 13 X 19 inches either horizontal or vertical.
Complete either of the Gradient Mesh tutorials before starting the final project. Save
file as LastnameTutorial.ai WEA (100 points)
Download the tutorial files from the following link. Also available on class share drive
Save your file as LastnameManualCover.ai in the class folder.
Goals for Project Design and Aesthetic:
1. Correct Color Palette
2. Correct document setup
3. Use of the Gradient, Blend, and Gradient Mesh Tool (Use of each required
in at least one illustration).
4. Use of template for rendering the device.
5. Creating a realistic graphic representation of the item or items that are the
subject of the cover.
6. Overall layout and design.
7. Skill at rendering device chosen.
8. Placement, color and readability of text.
9. Choice of Fonts and font formatting.
10. Use of color in the design of the package.
11. Use and placement of graphic elements.
12. Creative thinking and originality in choice of subject and concept for the
manual cover.

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