population ageing in Australia

population ageing in Australia

Social issue ie. population ageing that is yet to be adequately addressed in Australian

Integrate existing knowledge from various disciplines in psychology to understand the issue – that is integrate literature from four
psychology sub-disciplines e.g. to choose from:

o Social Psychology

o Health Psychology (+ costs to health)

o Emotion

o Developmental


o Learning and Behaviour

o Personality Psychology

o Psychology of Relationships


1. Locate and critically evaluate a

body of literature related to this social issue and communicate this clearly, coherently and concisely in your review.

2. Critical

evaluation of what you present and evidence that you have integrated the knowledge from the four disciplines into a more holistic
understanding ofthe issue

3. Introduction of 50 words, then approx 100 words for each sub discipline and 50 words to make


4.llIustrate using essay points with examples from a range of psychology sub-disciplines (integrate the disciplines)

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