Assessing Diversity Needs

Assessing Diversity Needs

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Schools, as learning organizations, are diverse by composition. The broader school community encompasses not only K-12 students (who may or may not be from the same geographic neighborhoods), but also their parents, teachers, and administrators, who bring various life and professional experiences to this community. Additionally, the actual neighborhood where the school is located can be impacted by the school community. This means that people of nearly every age can be touched by a school and what happens there.

Since professional development should be based upon the specific needs of a school, a district, and a community, it is important to understand ways to appropriately address diversity in schools and the school community. To assist you in doing this, Walden has Unit Outcomes that include Diversity Proficiencies. Unit Outcome 9 states: “The candidate creates educational opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners and removes barriers that inhibit learning.” This particular outcome, has nine dedicated proficiencies that you will be expected to address. As you are planning any school-based activities whether they are for the students, the faculty and staff, or the community-at-large, it is important to make certain you understand the various aspects of diversity.

For this assignment, you will complete the Diversity Proficiency Worksheet. This organizer will have you read each proficiency, write your own personal interpretation of what that proficiency means, and think of questions you will need to ask a school representative. You will keep a copy of this worksheet in order to effectively complete the Major Assessment in Week 8. As part of the Major Assessment, you will need to document how you have addressed the diversity proficiencies in your work for this course. Make certain to save emails, meeting notes, data sets, and other artifacts/documentation from course activities that you can use as evidence in the Major Assessment.

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