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Assessing Knowledge-Based Approach in Managing Government Project in Kingdom of Bahrain

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please follow my instraction to make my dissertation:

1. methodology
2.  result and discussion
3. abstract


Write the abstract here. Make it short, precise and accurate. It should summarize the report in two to three paragraphs.
Second paragraph starts here. Notice the font type and size, the line spacing and the vertical space between paragraphs. All paragraphs are fully justified in the whole report.
The abstract should not exceed 1 page. Notice also the roman numbing of pages from table of contents to the abstract, all should be in roman. Table of Contents stats with page i and it continues in the next pages. Before the Table of Contents there are no page numbers in the cover page or the title page. With the exception of the cover-page and title-page, THE TITLES IN THIS AND PREVIOUS PAGES are bold, SMALL CAPS, in Times New Roman with font of size 16pt.


In this example we cite some research conducted by others. All references are shown in the references section which is written in IEEE format.
In classical uniform hashing with chaining, a set of s keys is inserted into a hash table with n separate chains (or linked lists) via a uniform hash function. The insertion time is constant, and the average search time is proportional to the load factor of the hash table a := s/n. However, even for a constant load factor, the worst-case search time (the length of the longest chain) is asymptotic to log n/log log n in probability [18, 27].
Azar et al. [3] suggested a novel approach called the greedy two-way chaining paradigm. It uses two independent uniform hash functions to insert the keys, where each key is inserted on-line into the shorter chain, with ties broken randomly. The insertion time is still constant, while the average search time cannot be more than twice the average search time of classical uniform hashing. However, the expected maximum search time is only 2 log2 log n+2a+O(1) [3, 4, 24]. The two-way chaining paradigm has been effectively used to derive many efficient algorithms [5, 6, 7]. A further variant of on-line two-way chaining [28] improves the maximum search time by a constant factor.
On the other hand, one can show that the off-line version of two-way chaining, where all the hashing values of the keys are known in advance, yields better worst-case performance [3, 8, 25]. Czumaj and Stemann [8] proved that if s = 1.67545943 …×n, one can find an assignment for the keys such that the maximum chain length is at most 2 w.h.p. (with high probability, i.e., with probability tending to one as n?8).


Here you should append any appendices. The appendix title should follow same style as your chapter titles. If the titles of your appendices are long then you can write the appendices in font size 20pt instead of 24pt but you should do it for all appendices and not just one. You can also number your appendices in capital roman numbers, I, II, III, etc.

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