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I want this essay done exactly as the instructions state. i would like the issues drawn from that week’s topic reading and the lectures most importantly and relevant sources including Australian cases. go straight to the point and don’t beat around the bush with definitions. make reasonable arguments and counter – arguments when critically analysing the argument in the readings and use relevant sources when backing up your argument.

Essay Directions:

The total word count for this essay is 1,500 words. It is worth 30% of your overall grade. The amount of work put into the task should reflect this (including proofreading).
You are required to answer this essay question. These questions relate to week 4 of the unit.

You have been given the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and comprehension of a wide range of issues across the course.

Your essay must be properly structured (with an introduction and conclusion) and properly referenced. You must use Harvard in-text referencing and legal materials are to also be reference and formatted correctly.

You MUST conduct extra research beyond the set tutorial readings for the course and the relevance of your research materials will be assessed.

As a socio-legal unit, it is appropriate and e xpected that you refer to relevant law (case law and legislation)-mostly austrlian cases and conduct legal research in approaching your answer to your question. You will be assessed on the quality and relevance of your research.

You are encouraged to use databases, online journals as well as texts held in the library. You will note that suggestions are provided with each question so as to encourage you to think of different ways to approach questions drawing on the ideas and issues raised in the unit of study.

Drawing on contemporary law and practice around post-mortems, critically analyse the socio-legal role of the autopsy and make a case for either (a) further reform or (b) the status quo.

– You may wish to consider approaches to this question that include, for example:

– the importance of forensic medical expertise vis-à-vis the autopsy;
– arguments about ‘needless autopsies’;
– cultural concerns;
– next-of-kin vs legal issues;
– the changes to the law;
– criminological issues;
– or how autopsy is developing in distinction to the past via use of technologies.

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