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Book review of “Avengers of the New World”

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HIST 1312: Western Civilization since 1527 (S15) Avengers of the New World – Review Essay Due: 5 October 2015
What is a book review?
A book review is an academic form of writing that allows potential readers to determine the utility of the text under consideration. As such, a good book review identifies and analyzes the approach taken by the author, the author’s main findings, and the types of sources used in the crafting of the book. In other words, book reviews are not book reports—you must make a critical assessment of the text.
Ultimately the form is up to you, but a good book review should accomplish the following:
? Identification of the author. Who is the author? (i.e. credentials, expertise)
? Description of the book’s argument. What is the author trying to demonstrate? What does he/she
want the reader to learn about the topic at hand?
? Description of the book’s contents. How are the chapters organized? How does the author go
about proving their argument? How successful is the author in this endeavor? (Note: This
should not a blow-by-blow account. Avoid a narrative reconstruction.)
? Assessment of the scholarship. What sources does the author use? How are the sources used?
What approach does the author take to the source material?
? Identify the target audience. Who is the book written for—academic professionals, college
students, general readership?
Proper book reviews must include a clear thesis/argument. Outside materials are not necessary. Use only assigned course materials and lecture notes in formulating this essay.
Word count: 1500-2000 words.
Formatting and Other General Guidelines:
? 12pt Times New Roman typeface
? Double-spaced
? Use Chicago-style footnotes to cite materials used in the essay.
? Proofread for spelling and grammar prior to submission
? Include your name and page number in the header, aligned right.
? Submit your essay via the Blackboard assignment folder.

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