Project description
1) Which company would you have invested in and why? 2) Which company would you prefer to work for and why? 3)What advice would you give to any of the presenters to improve the presentation?
4) What would have improved the general presentation format?
5)What other insights do you have?
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I ” Naked Cask wants to more effectively change people‘s tastes and
I preferences for craft beer by developing a family of microbreweries that
i appeal to a broader set of consumers. The ultimate goal is to do for craft
beer what Starbucks has done for coffee.
LunaDesk is an online employee-management platform for small- to
mid-sized businesses. LunaDesk’s intelligent communication platform
a > ‘ and incredibly simple interface reduces employee absenteeism, saves
I time scheduling and training employees, increases customer satisfaction,
and saves businesses money.
Jerry Harrison
Kids Can Give Too is an online birthday party management service that
3′ , makes it easy for kids to share their birthday gifts with a charity. Custom
email invitations explain to your guests not to bring a wrapped gift, but
v instead RSVP and make a donation to your child’s secure online account.
3 ‘ V After the arty the money is split between the charit of choice and the
P y
my birthday kid who gets a Visa gift card.
Barb Royal
FieldVine is a mobile tool for collaboration and compliance. We make it
mm easy for companies with contractors in the field to track status, share data
and stay connected in real time.
Ray Antonino
Life in Pi & Mi Life are mobile resource guides for GeoTraks is a mobile app scavenger hunt that happens
vacation destinations, on the Grand Strand and beyond. to be the most fun way to discover or rediscover a city.
Engaging content keeps users coming back. providing while simultaneously driving foot traffic into brick and
exposure and customers to local businesses. mortar businesses.


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