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Prescriptive case analyses:  In the case analysis format, you will be expected to do the following: 1) State an ethical question posed by a business ethics case in the news, a reading, or a situation that you are aware of from personal experience or another means; describe the facts (or give a link or links) if the situation is unfamiliar; 2) Identify a decision-maker; 3) Identify two competing choices the decision-maker faces (if you believe analyzing the situation right requires considering more than two alternatives, you may indicate additional choices); 4) Present the best arguments for the competing positions; 5) Present a reasoned conclusion as to what the decision-maker should do.   In doing case analyses, it is helpful to use the format shown on the sample case analysis handout, in which arguments for one choice are matched up with counterarguments for another.  In doing a case analysis, it’s usually better to discuss a specific scenario (such as “Should Domino’s adhere to a 30-minute delivery guarantee?”) rather than a general, broad topic (such as “Does a free market work better than government regulation?”).  Cite at least three sources; the case analysis has a template for sources that is worth following.  You should refer to at least two ethics and human nature sources in your analysis; which ones you use and how you use them is up to you.  The exact format you use (endnotes, footnotes, etc.) is not crucial, but it is desirable to indicate what you are using your sources for, as is shown in the sample analysis

Ethical relations case analysis: Here, you can use the same case you use for the prescriptive analysis. The idea with the ethical relations handout is to present an ethically sustainable case for different courses of action to different stakeholders, such as managers, employees, customers, and investors.  As shown in the sample analysis, you want to express your points in informal language that replicates speech for this type of analysis, instead of the more formal language you should use for a prescriptive analysis.
(Recommended length: 6 single-spaced pages)
Please choose either Bangladesh Factory Fire or Cyber attack ethical topic from the following link:

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