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Discuss whether ‘China is a looming threat, a growing global partner, or a little bit of both.”

Assessment Research Resources

· Academic books (DO NOT USE TEXT BOOKS)

· Academic journal articles

· Academic conference papers

· Newspaper/magazine articles

· Government, research or industry reports (BUT ONLY THOSE THAT ARE ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC)

· International non-government, research or publications

· Bibliography of supplied course material (DO NOT USE PROVIDE COURSE MATERIAL)

Essay Writing

Structurally, the essay needs to consist of 3 distinct and identifiable parts and you are required to divide your essay accordingly, by way of the following explicit headings.

Introduction: Usually 10% of the word limit of the essay. An Introduction indicates the broad significance of the essay topic, outlines the argument, establishes the analytical framework (insights for theory), and introduces the reader to the principal concepts, which will be used throughout the analysis.

Analysis (you can choose another term): this proceeds from the Introduction and provides evidence and reflection upon the material and events you have researched. Feel free to organise your analysis with additional sub-headings.

Conclusion: This is not a summary; rather it is a reflection upon the findings of your essay and at a slightly higher level of abstraction than the preceding parts of the essay. The Conclusion needs to be thoughtful and persuasive –

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