Carnegie Museum of Art

Carnegie Museum of Art

1. Topic must reference a work of art at the Carnegie Museum of Art.  You may explore a common theme in art, explore art of a particular time period, or focus on works by a specific artist.

Ex. Creative Landscape, How the Impressionists Transformed Painting
(Exploring the work of Claude Monet and Pierre-Aguste

Ex. Minimalist Art – Why Would an Artist Exhibit a Blank Canvas?
Wade Guyton and Robert Ryman.

Ex. Exploring Iconography.  Finding Meaning in The Symbols of Renaissance Art.
(There is a small room of early Renaissance /
Christian art).

2.  Topic must explore an issue or subject in a critical way.

3. Paper must have a thesis, a theory or idea that you are exploring or analyzing.

4. Format
-At least 6 -pages, five of which must be straight text (notes / bibliography may begin on 6th page).
– Images must appear after 6th page.
-Citing sources is important.  Bibliography or works cited should be the last section.
-Double space.  1.25 inch side margins.  1” top and bottom margins. Times New Roman font.
-Number pages.  Only print on front side.
-Include title, your name and date of completion.

5. Sources
-You must use at least three sources.
-Printed Carnegie Museum of Art materials and the Carnegie Museum of Art website may be referenced.
-Your textbook cannot be one of the three primary sources.
-You must use at least one book as a source.  Please visit the library!
– You may use articles in periodicals and newspapers, as well as films and documentaries as sources.  You may also interview an expert as a source as long as you list a name and the date of the interview.

-Be sure to distinguish your ideas from those of others.

-Avoid topics that are too broad.

-Bring a notebook to the museum to record your observations of each work.  Write down details descriptions and be sure to read the wall labels next to the works.
7. Please use easy vocabulary cuz im ESL


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