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Case summary respond;

Hong Kong’s mobile phone market has 8.3 million subscribers. 80% of subscribers have held by the large companies. Sunday communication Ltd is a mobile phone company in Hong Kong. Sunday launched in 1997. In the late 90’s, they became a famous brand in Hong Kong.
Uniqueness, brand personality, customer relationships, and brand awareness, those are makes Sunday’s brand equity much higher. Sunday’s advertises are shows a unique and creative than any other commercial advertising. Especially they used to advertise their ad on the visual commercial such as TV, newspaper, magazine and metro station. They try to catch a customer’s attention. Also they provide unique service then competitors. The rate of young subscriber are become higher that able to promote advertise to younger generation. This shows that Sunday’s brand personality is become younger. Even they keep appealed to the younger customer; they still have good relationship with loyal customers. Sunday have the highest rate on locked-up period in the market. In addition, they establish a collaboration promotion with Cirque du Soleil. Sunday and Cirque du Soleil has working on the different industry but they have a same personality like creative and unconventional.
As see the above the strength of Sunday’s brand association is pretty higher than competitors Sunday’s brand has developed with the creative and unconventional advertising. However, competitors are not much unique then Sunday. Unfortunately as much as creates unique advertisement, Sunday lose the favorability of brand association. Based on Sunday’s ideas which creating a unique ad, their advertisement are become harsh and backlashes. Some of audience should be interest with commercial but definitely others should not interest or skeptical

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