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Choose one ofthe essay questions listed below and write a research essay in response to that question.

Essay Questions

1. Contrary to much popularthinking, globalization is not killing the state, it is underlining its fundamental importance to political and economic life in the 21st century.’ Critically evaluate this claim.

2. Is state capitalism better placed to cope with the challenges of globalization than other models of capitalism?

3. How effective are multilateral economic institutions at achieving their core organizational purpose? Answerwith detailed reference to ONE institution.

4. To what extent have events since the 2008 global financial crisis challenged the liberal ideas that are so dominant in international economic thinking?

5. ‘The financial crisis of2008 was not a case of markets failing, instead it shows how markets ultimately rectify their internal shortcomings.’ Critically evaluate this claim.


Why has regionalism become such a popular strategy to cope with globalization?

7. ‘It doesn’t matterthat the WTO is unfair, as long as the overall economic benefits from trade liberalization are large enough, the WTO is doing its job.’ Critically evaluate this claim.


The primary reason that nearly 1 billion people have been taken out of extreme poverty in the past 20 years has been capitalism and free trade.’ Critically evaluate this claim.

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