Animal Science

Animal Science

1.  Compare and contrast the prehension, digestion, and absorption of the six proximate components found in a corn kernel when selected as a foodstuff by a chicken versus a pig.  Be sure to include a thorough explanation of the origin and activity for all digestive tract secretions and differences in GIT form and function among the two species as they address this kernel of corn.  Your answer should be 4 to 6 pages in length.

2.  Explain how the end products of digestion for table sugar and corn oil enter into the glycolytic/TCA/oxidative phosphorylation pathways and ultimately yield ATP in a growing puppy.  Your answer should be 3 to 5 pages in length.

3.  Explain the cellular mechanisms involved with incorporation of a phenylalanine molecule into a muscle protein in a growing pony.  What happens to that phenylalanine if it is fed in excess of the pony’s needs?  What happens if the pony’s diet does not supply enough phenylalanine?  Your answer should be 3 to 5 pages in length.

4.  Tell me what you know about your favorite fat soluble vitamin, water soluble vitamin, macro mineral, and micromineral.  Your answer should be 4 to 5 pages in length.

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