Contemporary Culture

Contemporary Culture

1 question:Choose one of the following activities and record the result in your e-journal:
Write a short story (maximum 250 words) that reflects your understanding of how power
operates in contemporary society.

Write a letter (maximum 250 words) to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd or Premier Colin Barnett
outlining some of the main issues relating to power you see in Australian society today.

question 2: In your e-journal, use one of the readings for this week or another academic source to define
creativity. Then spend 10 minutes walking around either Murdoch Campus, a shopping
centre, main street or another public place. Identify the three most creative things (people,
buildings, objects etc.) that you observe. In your journal, explain why you decided each
observation was creative. Draw upon this week?s reading to support your explanations.

question 3: Go to the following YouTube Page for The Corporation movie:
Watch ONE of the Chapters of the movie (note: the chapter you select should be 5 minutes
or longer in length). Then, in your e-journal, write a maximum 250 word reflection about the
Chapter that you watched.

question 4: Join a Twitter conversation about a television show you are currently watching. Draw on the
reading or another academic reference to reflect in your journal about how joining the Twitter
conversation influenced your viewing experience.

question 5: Create an account on Wikipedia, log in, and modify any entry you choose. You may make it
something obviously incorrect or subtly amend the existing facts. Note how quickly your
change gets changed back, or if it remains and is now part of global knowledge! In your ejournal in 250 words or less, describe what you changed and why as well as whether it was
changed back or remained in the entry.

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