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Critically evaluate the view that children are active and creative in their relationships with media, on-line cultures, and commercial goods.

Paper details:

tis question requires essay-based response that develops an argument designed to complete the evaluation, including an introduction and conclusion. Your most important resource for this assignment will be Chapter 5, but other sections of the module material will also be useful, as suggested above. You may also wish to revisit Section 4.2 and Reading A (“Exploited or empowered?”) of Chapter 5 in Book 1.
As part of your evaluation of the view that children are active and creative in relating to media, online cultures, and commercial cultures, you will need to consider alternative arguments. For example, to what extent might children be influenced by marketers or advertisers of commercial goods? How might other adults (or children) in their lives, such as their parents, influence them? Although you may well have your own views on these issues, it is important that you reinforce your arguments for either side with evidence from the module materials or other academic sources. In considering children’s engagement with online cultures, you may wish to consider arguments that children are “digital natives” – naturally skilled at using new technologies without being taught – and the potential limitations of these arguments. You may wish to consider how children’s experiences of new and traditional media, and commercial goods, relate to other aspects of their lives, such as their peer groups and friendships.
Include in-text references to relevant material where appropriate, and at the end add a list of references, in OU Harvard style.

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