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Describe a life changing event.

Paper details:
— Write a DESCRIPTIVE essay that is max 500 words. Double spaced. New Times Roman. Has 3-5 of the following words included: aberrant, abscond, banal, barefaced, castigate, catalyst, caustic, inscrutable, spiel, sate, saturnine, savant, delusion, purge, secular, waver, wretched, zeal. –Thesis(The title is ‘The College Experience’ so my professor wants the thesis/intro to tie in with the title), 2-3 paragraphs (Physical and Emotional descriptions) and a conclusion. — Here are some fillers for the body paragraphs; dorm room rather than bed at home, the college food, the up all night and coming back at 6am, the freedom, the loads of homework. — MAKE SURE IT SEEMS FEMININE!

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