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Design and fabrication of Reconfigurable and portable Programmable logic controller system for training purpose

Paper details:

i need to write a research methodology based on following requirement ,

research methodology should begin with measurable research objectives and the purpose of research (exploratory study, descriptive study, or causal study). Once you plan on a specific method to carry out your research, it should be followed by a description of your investigation type and study setting. It is important to relate your methodology to your plan for data collection and analysis. That is, you will need to describe what you investigate in your research, the study setting, what type of data you need during your investigation, how and where you will collect data, and how you would analyze the collected data. For now, you only need to briefly introduce your data collection and analysis. In your future assignments, you will need to detail your data collection and analysis methods. Therefore, it is time for you to plan ahead your method of investigation and data analysis method and briefly introduce them in your research methodology.

there should be three part;

Part1 : devlopment(design, devlopment/new method)

Part:2 testing your devlopment ( to see if i can achieve my goal be this method/ to show my method is working

Part:3 reasearch data(data collection and analysis)

i included problem statement and literature review of this topic. this should be co related with these two .

Check points:

measurable objectives, purpose of study, investigation type, study setting,

and citation using the APA format


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