1. Essay on Semantic Web,how it effects the development of e-commerce

2. Essay on Good relations.. the web vocabulary for E-commerce

3. A focused Good relations case study

The World Wide Web is increasingly making use of so-called Semantic Web
Technologies, which are also having an impact on e-Commerce on the Internet.
This resit coursework consists of three parts:

1. A short essay explaining the notion of the Semantic Web and how it affects the development of e-Commerce.
2. A short essay introducing “GoodRelations – The Web Vocabulary for E- Commerce”.

3. A focused GoodRelations case study.

Conduct a literature search, including web articles, to identify the primary
components of today’s Semantic Web landscape. Specifically also look for sources
discussing the impact of the Semantic Web on e-Commerce, and use the material
identified to write a short essay on the use of Semantic Web technologies in e-
Commerce. Your discussion should include brief summaries of the role of
ontologies and the role of linked data in this context. Make sure all sources used
are appropriately cited.

Carry out a study of “GoodReIations – The Web Vocabulary for E-Commerce”. Your
primary source of information will be:

Write a short essay describing what GoodRelations is and how it can be used for
E-Commerce purposes.
The essay should be between 2-3 pages (11pt font, single line spacing).

In this case study you are asked to invent a simple company scenario, e.g. a
restaurant or a manufacturer of some electronic goods, and identify a few
appropriate goods/services. Then show how the application of GoodRelations
would help a semantic search engine to find these goods/services. Please note
that you are not asked to actually implement a real web site with GoodRelations

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