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Enron – Assignment Guide
Dear Writer,
Directions: Use the Internet or online databases to locate articles (need to be peer review) about Enron and the Enron scandal including the documentary.
1. Use this information and the documentary on Netflix to answer the questions.
2. Be sure to summarize the data in your own words. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from the computer.
3. Include a list of the sources you used to answer the questions.
Part One – Enron’s Business
1. Who founded Enron?
2. In what city was Enron’s corporate headquarters?
3. How many employees did Enron have at the time it declared bankruptcy?
4. In what type of business was Enron initially involved?
5. Eventually, Enron became involved in businesses beyond its original mission. List the business areas into which Enron expanded.
6. In which of the areas you listed in question 5 was Enron successful? Which areas were failures?
7. Enron’s stock price varied greatly during its history. Prior to its bankruptcy:
a. What was the date and lowest selling price of Enron stock?
b. What was the date and highest selling price of Enron stock?
c. What was the date Enron declared bankruptcy?
8. What connections were made between Enron and the California Energy Crisis of 2000 and 2001?
9. How did the accounting term “mark to market” relate to Enron’s business?
10. Enron was considered to have a highly competitive corporate culture. Explain how the following items contributed to this culture:
a. Its performance review system
b. Its focus on increasing stock prices
Part Two – The Scandal and Aftermath
11. Why did Enron misrepresent its financial information?
12. In what ways did Enron misrepresent its financial information?
13. What role did the accounting firm Arthur Anderson play in the scandal?
14. Why didn’t industry analysts challenge the way Enron was reporting its financial information?
15. In what ways did Enron take advantage of its employees in an effort to boost stock prices?
16. What charges were filed against Enron and/or its employees?
17. For which of the charges listed in question 16 was Enron or one of its employees found guilty?
18. A book published about Enron was titled Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. How does the phrase “smartest guys in the room” relate to Enron?
19. What act was passed in part as a result of the Enron scandal? What are the main features of this act?
20. When a company as large as Enron fails, the national economy suffers. What is the estimated cost of the Enron scandal to the U.S. economy?
Part Three– Your Thoughts
21. Enron started as a good company. At what point in the company’s history do you think the company started down the path toward unethical behavior?
22. If you were an employee in Enron, would you have blown the whistle on the company? Why or why not?
23. One of the slogans used by Enron was “Ask Why.” Why is this slogan now considered ironic?
Part Five – Your Sources
See ASA style guide on citations attached.
Part six- A Documentary Review
Step 1 Give details of the documentary
• Title of the documentary
• Intended audience

Step 2 Explain the purpose of the documentary
• What is the purpose of the documentary?
• What is the main message the director wants to get across to the audience?

Step 3 State your prior knowledge of the subject
• Did you know anything about the subject before you watched the documentary?
• What did you expect to see?
• What questions did you have about the subject?

Step 4 Summarize the documentary
• Who / What is the subject of the documentary?
• What is the documentary about? What are the main events (if any)?
• Where was it filmed?

Step 5 Give personal comments and recommendation
• Which part of the documentary do you like most?
• What have you learned from it?
• Was there anything that surprised you?
• What are the drawbacks of the documentary?
• Would you recommend this documentary to your friends?

This assignment has a four page minimum requirement, answer every point thoroughly. The paper should be 12-point font, times new roman, and double-spaced.

Due by 11:59 pm on March 9th 2016. There will be a drop box open on Blackboard for you to upload the assignment.

This assignment along with the worksheet will be equivalent to one test grade..

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