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Following on from the acceptance of the feasibility study prepared for Assignment 1, you have now been asked to prepare part of the elemental cost plan for Case Study

1. The cost plan should include only the elements contained within: • the ground floor

Project description
The task is to provide a elemental cost plan for case study 1 – Basingstoke including executive summary, pricing basis, assumptions, exclusions, schedule of accommodation, detailed cost plan with take-off measurement, query list and specification. All required notes, templates, question details with reminders from tutor and a sample answer of elemental cost plan for another case study (Task 3 in the file) are attached for your reference. Basically You just need to follow the sample answer structure to provide a elemental cost plan by using case study 1 – Basingstoke information for the main content and case study 2 as a source of cost data . The Spons Architects and Builders Price Book 2011 Excerpt should be referred to when it is not appropriate to use the cost data contained in Case Study 2. The acceptance of the feasibility study prepared for assignment 1 is not important for the task and it is just the assumption that the project is accepted and requires more details such as cost plan for further analysis.

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