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Consider the quote below:
“The Australian model of federalism in 2015 is bad for business and is stifling the country’s economy”
You are asked to critically examine the above quote. Is some level of reform of the federal model desirable and if so what in your view would such reform take?
Formal requirements:
•    Correct syntax, grammar and spelling
•    Word Document (not PDF), Times New Roman 12 pt, single spaced
•    Citation (not counted in word count) in conformance with AGLC 3 style guide requirements
•    No bibliography required
•    Word Count ; no more than 3000 words
Substantive requirements:
•    Question answered
•    Clarity of thought and expression (succinct, plain English
•     Avoidance of cliché, hyperbole, tautology, colloquialism, repetition, long sentences, vagueness
•    Critical evaluation rather than mere description
•    Argument supported by premises/evidence (cited where appropriate)
•    Originality of argument
•    Demonstrated familiarity with existing literature
•    Coherent structure that contributes to argument, e.g.:
•     Introduction including basic background information, argument briefly stated, and structure of essay
•    Conclusion summarising argument and body of essay
•     Paragraphs structured around one main argument stated in the initial sentence
•    Signposts to progression of argument such as ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘third’, ‘in summary’, ‘in conclusion’
•     Clear transitions between sections
•     Headings encouraged (counted in word count)
•     Quotations integrated into text and not excessively long

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