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Integrated Marketing Campaigns – COMM 571

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Social Media Campaign and New Hire Pitch: Identify an organization in the St. Louis area that you are interested in, work for, or would like to work for one day. Spend 2-4 weeks monitoring how they currently use social media. Following those weeks, write a social media campaign plan that will give the organization a fully flushed out idea that is ready for implementation. Required components of this assignment are as follows: Goals, Summary of Current Social Media Efforts, Content Types, Tools (with purpose and metrics), Action Plan for each Tool, Evaluation Plan, and Budget. My expectation is that the plan will be 6-8 pages long (formatted like a professional report, rather than an academic paper). You will pitch this campaign in class as if you’re applying for a contract.

Media Relations Plan and Presentation (includes first draft, final draft and presentation) You will select one of two possible clients presented in class. Working individually, each of you will write a media relations plan, following the guidelines given out in class. My expectation is that your plan will be 8-10 pages long (formatted like a professional report, rather than an academic paper). Required components of this assignment are as follows: Title page, executive summary, goals and objectives, target market analysis, three news-jacking options, a news release tailored to one of these news-jacking options, a news release pitch to one media contact from your media list, a list of possible spokespeople from the company according to these news-jacking options (explain why you chose each person), one “publicity stunt”, media list of 20 contacts with name, organization and contact information, and an evaluation plan.



Social Media New Hire Pitch, Selecting Communication Tactics for a Crises

Readings: Smith, Step 3-4; Readings per Canvas Module

1. Social Media Campaign Plan Due in Hard Copy and

upload it to Canvas


For example :


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