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Teaching Curch Tradition

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“The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Guidlines for Catholic-Jewish Relations (1992) pointed out that Nostra Aetate reminded the Church of its roots in Judaism and called for the complete rejection of certian erroneous ideas about the Jews, which for centuries had been only too common amongst Catholics and other Christians” (p.2)
Q. Why is the need to recognise the Jewish background of Jesus and know the official Catholic Church teaching about the identity of Jesus an important issue for religious educators in Catholic schools (christology)? Draw on relevant Church documents and provide examples relevant to Religious Education in your answer.
1) Intro- What is your argument or put forward your case eg. As a religious educator we need to erradicate erroneous ideas….Religious documents support this.
Important- Why is it important that we teach Jesus is a Jew? Why the need to recognise Jewish background of Jesus eg. because there were certain erroneous ideas; used to pray for Jewish souls who killed Jesus.
*Nostra Aetate
*Aust. Catholic Bishop Conference
2) Know the official Cath. Church teaching about the identity of Jesus
*Robinette article pg 121
*Niceum Creed
3)Relevance to us as educators; religious education is more than a curriculum it needs to permeate whole school. Use of language as an educator is so important erroneous language that we were saying was anti semantic. How do we make sure this does not happen again! Not to Jewish, Muslim etc
More on Jesus the Jew than the Creeds Just acknowledge Creeds.

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