International Criminal law and Human Rights

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This coursework module is called : International Criminal law and Human Rights. The first half of the term is on International criminal law only. Coursework should

always start with the ICC statue thats the primary source and the secondary source is :elements of law, reports regarding to genocide etc.

Referencing Requirements:
Studying Law in Kingston refers oxford standard for the citation of legal Authorities (OSCOLA)
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I”m a third year law student. I”m hoping to get a 2;1 in this coursework. Id like it to be in a degree level not A-LEVEL but because degree was not one of the options

so I was told to mention it here.

This module is called international criminal law and Human rights and this is coursework only consists of international criminal law.

you are meant to choose three characters for the coursework.
Our tutor said this coursework must be started with the ICC Statute and then mentioning relevant provisions of the ICC statute such as:-
Article 21: Applicable law (list of sources which judges relayed on )
Article 5: crimes within the jurisdiction of the court
Article 6: genocide
Article 36-38
Article 12-13
(a) state party referring territory against the offender
(b)Self referral) he also mentioned that Security council is really important for this coursework.
Article 17: Admissibility and the Issues of admissibility and they focused on complementarity= international courts v ICC where thier trying to see if the prosecuting

is active.
Article 11: jurisdiction

Gravity: (two aspects);- 1- quantative 2- qualative

distinguish between national law and internation law

Article53:not serve the interest of justice.
Article 26-27
All other treaties such as General Priniciples and most importantly customary international law (CIL)

Relevant cases for this coursework: Tadic case + Nicaragua Case + Lubanga case + Kuprekic case + Akayasu case.


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